Benefits of Advertising on TV

With Television the advantages of advertising is visual. The target market can see how the product looks like, they can hear audio of the product or voice over to tell them a bit more about the product. Television advertising works in time slots and they have different demographic at those times and it makes it easy for your commercial to be target directly to your demographic you want to reach. It is easier to showcase or convince a consumer on Television with a commercial versus magazine or radio. Example: Let’s say I’m a car company, now most car companies highlight the fantastic new features of the car within the commercial as it is much more visual and easier to entice an audience with.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV

The days where advertising on television was for the major corporation is over. With the increase in channels, the different demographic that watches that channel or program it is now cheaper to advertise on TV and target a campaign based only on your target market.

I don't have any ideas for a TV commercial can you help

This is where Eclectic Motion are unique from other media agencies. Eclectic is an all in house company that caters for the needs of our clients whether is Creative, Production or Media planning and Buying, we are there to offer our clients piece of mind knowing that all their needs are taken care of without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies during the process of their campaign.

How Long does from concept to my ad been on TV?

The average time it takes us from Concept, Clearcast, Pre-Production, Production, Post- Production, Media Planning and commercial been aired on TV is 4-6 weeks.

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