Eclectic Buy

Lets face it, with hundreds of networks and thousands of programmes to choose from. It’s not easy to assemble a portfolio of content that precisely delivers your best consumer.

Eclectic Motion Media has a product that filters your audience through layers of data to produce a multi-dimensional view of the best networks and programmes to reach your targets, it’s called EclecticBuy.

Lets say you’re targeting consumers in the market for a new car. The data available today goes far beyond age or gender. Big data is available on what new car buyers watch.

Income, education, lifestyles and purchasing behaviours add dimension to decision making. By layering the data, EclecticBuy identifies the networks that are favourites among these targeted consumers.

For stay-at-home mum’s, the recommendations shift by filtering other targeted data like home ownership, number of children, employment and more. We’ve made something that was complex – simple and smart.

EclecticBuy goes beyond networks to hone in on the consumer programmes, and since all television viewing preferences are inherently local, we even show preferences at the market level, to help you get closer to your consumer.

Only Eclectic Motion builds a blueprint of consumer dense networks and programmes that are right for your brand. By delivering an intelligence based concise analysis thats easy to read, and easy to share.

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