Media Production

Our tv adverts work. It’s just that simple. Our secret is that we do everything in house: making ads, buying media, and analysing campaigns. This gives you real value for money, and the best possible service and it also means we know how to tailor every ad to generate the maximum return on investment. So when it comes to your TV advert you can rely on Eclectic Motion to deliver a fantastic commercial.


After clearing your commercial for TV advertising a shoot day is determined then we start producing your commercial. This may involve organising shoot locations, casting actors, designing the look of your commercial with the aid of our stylists, or recording your voice overs and seeking the best music to use for your ad. A production can be a 1 or 2 day shoot deciding on your ads complexity.


Work alongside the Executive Producer, Director of Photography, Director, Lighting Crew, Sound Crew & Stylists in preparation of the shoot to shoot day. Work on all of the technical parts to putting your shoot together, such as the set, the lighting and choosing the camera package used to bring your commercial to live.


A great deal of thought, preparation and hard work is involved in moving and operating cameras. We use top of the range cameras and equipment to seemingly create invisible camera moves. Shot composition, camera movement and the way a Director of Photography (DoP) chooses to manipulate light and shade, all combine to create each film’s unique photographic signature.


Lighting is used by the Director of Photography (DoP) and the designer, for the look and feel of the images that are captured on the screen. We set up a wide range of lighting equipment to achieve a variety of moods, atmospheres and effects, as well as helping to make the actors, performers and participants look right for their roles.


Once we have filmed your commercial your footage goes to Post Production for editing. This process can take up to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of your Ad. Editing involves, picture editing, sound editing, music editing, adding visual special effects, sound design (voiceover, sound mixing, sound effects), colour grading, titles design, and negative cutting.

The advert they produced for me is working very well and we have seen a 70% upturn in our enquires since we advertised on TV.

Neil Messenger
Managing Director of Conservatory Roof Projects.

Corporate Video

More and more companies are making use of video to get their message across with greater impact to a wider audience, especially for online marketing and social media platform.

We provide an end to end video production service that includes concept development, script-writing, production planning, interviewing, filming, editing motion graphics and DVD authoring. We can provide all of these services, or just the ones you need.

Why Create a Corporate Video

  • With increased volumes of video sharing online on all social platforms, corporate videos can be easily shared thus increasing your company span.
  • Video including corporate video makes much more of an impact than plain text
  • Corporate videos are not as expensive to create as before.
  • Internet use is on the increase and video has never been more important
  • A corporate video on a company website is an excellent way to introduce the company products and services

A corporate video usually includes an introduction to your organisation’s headquarters and retail or manufacturing facility, if relevant. Key spokespeople for your company will be interviewed, along with chosen customers who will provide testimonials detailing their positive experiences in working with you.
Often, your organisation’s production or delivery process is introduced in overview, with emphasis on the value that your organisation will create for your prospective clients.

Corporate videos range from a minimum of a one day on-site shoot to two weeks or more, depending on the scale of your company or organisation.

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