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TV advertising is proven to be most effective way of advertising. TV advertising is 2.5 times more effective at creating sales uplift. Advertising on TV outperforms other media in generating sales, creating brand awareness and even reaching a whole new target market. There’s almost no-one you can’t reach through TV and nothing you can’t make them feel, believe or do.

If you want to increase sales and build brand value then TV Advertising is for you! We have helped so many clients increase profits and help make people aware of their brand. In general People are far more likely to engage with brands that have advertised on TV as it builds trust in the brand. Give us a call and discuss with us how TV advertising can work for you. We will listen to your ideas and objectives and get a full understand for what you are wanting to do, we can then build, manage and produce a TV marketing campaign that will really help your business grow. Working with us is really easy we provide a complete solution to your TV marketing needs at fantastic rates. TV Advertising is a powerful and affordable way of increasing your business and brand image.

Television is a high impact medium. It delivers immediacy, mass coverage, flexibility, movement, colour and crucially, spot-by-spot accountability. TV ensures that an advertiser’s message reaches a chosen target audience in an effective but cost-efficient way. And now every advertiser, however small their budget, can access its power. If you ask people what their favourite ad is, 99.9 per cent of them will talk about a TV ad. That’s because TV ads are memorable and enjoyable and there are lots of sections of this website where you can go to read all you need to know about how effective TV advertising is.

But maybe you think it’s beyond your reach, too expensive and too complicated. Well, Eclectic Motion is delighted to tell you that these fears are unfounded and this section is designed for people who are thinking they would like to use TV but don’t know where to start.

We’ve created TV adverts for…

The advert they produced for me is working very well and we have seen a 70% upturn in our enquires since we advertised on TV.

Neil Messenger
Managing Director of Conservatory Roof Projects.

A Few Related Projects

TV Commercial Production

All of our TV Advertising Packages include the production of your TV Commercial and National TV Spots. We will come up with ideas and suggestions as well as listen to any ideas you may already have to produce an advert that people will enjoy watching, convey the right image and most importantly help your business grow. When working with TV advertising, in most cases, it’s important to consider it as a strategy as opposed to one-off activity. As such, we’ll work with you to identify targets and a means of measuring performance.

TV Advertising Media Buying

We offer an expert TV Media Buying Service. Buying the right media is as important as making the right TV advert. That’s why our planning strategies are built from years of experience. We make things very simple we select the right audience to give you the best return, we work with all the major TV channels and have worked had to get the most competitive deals and the best prices for you.

TV Advertising Costs and Prices

We aim to give you the most competitive tv advertising prices available. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible and give you a fantastic return on your investment. Working with the TV companies we have worked hard to obtain the best TV advertising deals. But it isn’t just about being on the cheapest channels it is about being on the right channels for your brand, our experiance means we can give you fantastic rates on the right channels at the right time. So why not find out how competitive our rates are and put us to the test and call 020 3004 8324 today?

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